Combat medic overview:

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Post #1: Basics, Experience Gain, Advancements & Templates

Post #2: Resources & Meds, Loot Drops

Post #3: Grinding, Useful Informational Resources


Q: What are the Prerequisites for Combat Medic?
A: Master Medic, Ranged Support IV in Marksman and 12,500 Medical Experience

Q: How Many Skill Points does it take to Master Combat Medic?
A: 169

Q: Where are the Combat Medic Trainers?
A: You can find Combat Medic Trainers in some Player Cities and in the following Static Locations:

Naboo, Kadaara: "5080, 6655" and "5120, 6645"
Naboo, Keren: "1927, 2730", "1960, 2592" and "1962, 2637"
Naboo, Moenia: "4945, -4921" and "4900, -4919"
Naboo, Theed: "-5025, 4181" and "-4991, 4148"
Talus, Nashal: "4389, 5364" and "4505, 5169"
Corellia, Coronet: "-71, -4450" and "-118, -4446"
Corellia, Tyrena: "-4963, -2454" and "-4997, -2485"
Corellia, Doaba Guerfel: "3274, 5415"
Tatooine, Mos Entha: "1339, 3281"
Tatooine, Mos Espa: "-3142, 2110"
Lok, Nym's Stronghold: "583, 5100"
Rori, Narmle: "-5108, -2221" and "-5153, -2218"
Rori, Restuss: "5270, 5585" and "5315, 5581"

Experience Gain:

Q: What's the best way to gain crafting experience?
A: If the resources are availible, Advanced infection amplifier is the fastest.

Q: What's a good Macro to use?
A: If you really feel the need to macro, you can use this or something similar:

/ui action toolbarSlot00; This will choose your first crafting tool from your toolbar.Toolbar slots are numbered 00-11 for the top row(left to right) and 12-23 on the bottom row(left to right)
/selectDraftSchematic 0; The actual number for the schematic may vary depending on your crafting skill level. You will need to experiment with this to find the right schematic.
/pause 5; After it selects the schematic you have 5 seconds to double click the ingredients. If you find that you lag alot then you can increase the 5 to 10 etc
/nextCraftingStage; This will choose the experimentation stage
/nextCraftingStage; This will bypass the experimentation stage you are in
/createPrototype practice no item; This will skip the final creation process where you name your product.
/createPrototype practice no item;
/ui action toolbarSlot01; This will choose your next crafting tool

Q: What's a good way to gain Medical Experience?
A: Here are four of the faster options.

Option 1) Attain a level where you can use Area Stims and heal damage in a crowded cantina. This may annoy other medics, but it's quick and easy.

Option 2) Attain a level where you can use Area Poison A or B. Get buffed and/or wear armour. Take a destroy mission, hit the lair once while unarmed, then continually throw the poisons at the mobs. Since the poison doesn't incap/kill you can keep gaining experience for every throw.

Option 3) Do the old-school group hunt method. Get in a big hunting group and heal them. The experience will fly by and you can get a chance at harvested resources, loot, and mission creds in addition to your medical experience.

Option 4) Find somebody who owns a pet, and have him or her get an action, focus, and willpower buff. Then have him or her spam a pet trick (you can write a macro like "trick1;trick1;trick1;..."). You can then heal the action bar. This is faster than tumbling, but also more involved.

Advancement and Templates:

Q: What's the best brach to take first? Second? Third?
A: This is up to each individual, but it is usually considered best to take the Combat Medic Support branch first as it will allow you to use better meds(it is the branch that provides the Combat Medicine Use skill mods). Distance would be second, then Speed last.

Q: What do you think about xxxx setup?
A: You can mix and match from the following set of skills:
0004, you *need* master combat medic support. If you can not master support, there is no reason to get be a combat medic. For reference, a 0004 combat medic is better than a 4440 one...
0040, you can craft everything that a master can except area poisons and diseases. In general unless mastering combat medic people tend to buy medicines (the other branches are too useful), but if you are trying to be self sufficient, it is plausible to get master crafting
0400, you get heal mind. This is very useful if you are a teras kasi (and can meditate the wounds away), but in general considered sub-par to distance unless you are a pure healer crossed with a Teras Kasi
4000, this increases your distance, and more importantly your effectiveness. Very important, and the vast majority of the time the 2nd most important tree to get.

Q: What's a good Combat Profession to take with Combat Medic?
A: This is up to each individual to choose for themselves. After Mastering Combat Medic, you will have enough skill points to Master Any of the Elite Ranged Professions(Rifleman, Carbineer, Pistoleer) or 3 branches of an Elite Melee Profession(Teras Kasi, Swordsman, Pikeman, Fencer). Your ability to poison/disease any stat allows you the flexibility to choose any of these professions as you see fit.

Q: Do I have to be a Doctor to make the best stims?
A: No. Doctor is a great profession to have alongside Combat Medic and has many good points, but it isn't necessary. You can easily have a Doctor make a schematic for your subcomponents.

Q: Do I have to have to be a Master Combat Medic to be effective?
A: Mastering Combat Medic grants you the full extent of the skill mods available, but some have found other ways to be a effective with only partial CM skills alongside other skillsets. However, to be the best at Combat Medic then, yes, you would have to Master.

Q: Can I dabble in Combat Medic and still be effective?
A: Yes. You won't be the best or be able to use the best, but you can still be very effective.

Q: Do I have to have Artisan/Scout skill to be a good Combat Medic?
A: It helps, but is not mandatory. You can find basic resources for sale on the bazaar/vendors and you may be able to work a deal with an artisan/scout/ranger on your server to help you get resources for advanced components.

Q: What resources does a Combat Medic Require?
A: Titanium Aluminum, Eleton Reactive Gas(required for Advanced Injection Amplifiers)

Class 2 Liquid Petrochemical and Yavinian Fiberplast(required for Advanced Dispersal Mechanisms)

Tolium Reactive Gas and Class 1 Radioactive(required for Advanced Resilience Compounds)

Fungi, Radioactive, Insect Meat and Non-Ferrous Metal.

*Note: For a comprehensive Resource Chart, visit

For an up to date readout on current medical resources available by server, visit

Q: What stats should I look for in resources?

Please note, overall quality has no min or max on any resource. The numbers below may not be 100% accurate, but it should be close.

On all CM subcomponents your looking for as high Overall Quality and as high Decay Resistance as possible.

1. Advanced Dispersial Mechanism:

* Class 2 Liquid Petrochem:
o Max DR 600, no min DR
* Yavinian Fiberplast
o no min DR, no max DR

2. Advanced Infection Amplifier

* Titanium Aluminum
o Max DR 175, no min DR
* Eleton Reactive Gas
o Max DR 400, no min DR

3. Advanced Resilence Compound

* Tolium Reactive Gas
o no min DR, no max DR
* Class 1 Radi oactive
o Max DR 475, Min DR 400

Five resources which are named specific resources, one that is planet specific. Three are severly gated (less then 500).

Medic/Doctor subcomponents

For medical subcomponents your looking for as high Overall Quality and Potencial Energy as possible. For the Advanced Biological Effect controller the fiberplast should have high Overall Quality and Unit Toughness.

1, Advanced Biological Effect Controlers

* Lokian Wild Wheat
o Max PE 700
* Tatooinian Fiberplast
o no min UT, no max UT

2. Advanced Liquid Suspension

* Dantooine Berries
o no min PE, no max PE
* Talus Water
o OQ only

3. Advanced Chemical Release Duration Mechanism

* Herbavore Meat
o Max PE 700, no min PE
* Class 4 Liquid Petrochem
o no min PE, no max PE

4. Advanced Solid Delivery Shell

* Domesticated Oats
o While there were some anomlies on SWG craft, it seems that the min PE is 300 on this resource. No max PE
* Dolovite Iron
o OQ only

There are four planet specific resources, two named specific resources, and two named generic resources. None are severly gated (Less then 500).

For both poisons and diseases your looking for high Overall Quality and Potencial Energy for power, potency, and skill required. High Overall Quality and Conductivity for range and area of effect. High Overall Quality and Decay Resistance for duration. High Overall Quality and Unit Toughness for charges.

1) Poisons:

* Fungi: no mins or max on any stats
* Liquid Petrochem:
o Known Liquid Petrochem: 600 max DR, no min/max PE
+ No differance noticed between classes
o Unknown Liquid Petrochem: no mins or max on any stats
* Non-ferrous metal
o There are lots of non-ferrous metals. A very general overview is:
+ Aluminum, higher potencial unit toughness (more charges)
+ Copper, tends to have high conductivy (more range)
+ Unknown non-ferrous - potencial for both, hard to achieve both (with high OQ)

2) Diseases

* Insect Meat: no mins or max on any stats
* Radioactive
o Radio active class 6, class 7, unknown, and High Grade Polymetric have the highest potencial stats.
+ Unlike Liquid Petrochem there are major differances as you go up in classes. Unknown and High Grade Polymetric seem to have no caps and no mins.
* Non-ferrous metal
o See poisons

Q: How do I read the stats on a poison/disease/stim pack? What does it all mean?
A:- Potency: Chances of poison/disease 'sticking', or effectively being applied

- Duration: Length of time the effect will last, measured in seconds

- Range: Base Distance in meters

- Charges: Number of uses

- Area of effect: Radius of effect for the AoE(from target)

- Combat Medicine Use: Required Combat Medicine Use to apply the med

- Effectiveness: Base Damage/Wound

Q: How much damage will my poison do?
A: Damage per tick = (poison effectiveness) * (1 + (CM effectiveness) / 100)

Q: How much damage will my disease do?
A: Real tick damage = ((disease effectiveness) * (1 + (CM effectiveness) / 100)) * (1 + (target battle fatigue / 100))

Battle fatigue incurred = base tick damage * .075

Q: How far can I throw my meds?
A: Range might be non-linear with higher multiplier(perhaps 2x) on lower rated meds, but for a 4.x.x.x or Master Combat Medic the formula appears to be roughly : 1 1/3 x Pack Rating.

Q: What is the natural Resist rating?
A: Every player and Mob now has a 5% chance to always hit or always miss, regardless of the Potency of your meds.

Q: What should I get my potency to for PvE?
A: It has been said that the base potency for a 50/50 chance at sticking in PvE is 120ish. Consensus is that the number is actually lower, as with a 120ish Potency poison you seem to stick at least 90% of the time.

Q: What should I get my potency to for PvP?
A: Against non resist-buffed Players, 120ish is the low end. The higher the potency, the better. Against resist-buffed Players, crank your potency as high as you can (200+ potency).

Q: How long does it take for a poison to 'tick'?
A: After application, it takes 10 seconds before the first 'tick'. The poison will then tick every 10 seconds thereafter.

Q: How long does it take for a disease to 'tick'?
A: After application, it takes 40 seconds before the first 'tick'. The disease will then tick every 40 seconds thereafter.

Q: Can I put poison and disease on the same creature?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I stack poisons
A: You can not stack two of the same level of the same type (area/single). You can, however, stack an area with a single as well as each of the different levels on each HAM bar. This would allow a total of 18 poisons on any single target

Q: Can I stack diseases
A: You can have one disease per bar. Including secondaries, this would allow a total of 9 diseases on any single target

Loot Drops:

Q: What are the Combat Medic Loot drops?
A: There is Rancor Bile, Dunkawah Poison, Spider Venom, and occassionally an 'Enhanced' version of a Component. There are also skill enhancing items that drop as well.


Q: What is Rancor Bile?
A: Rancor Bile is a loot drop obtained from Rancors on Dathomir. It replaces the Dispersal Mechanism(Regular/Advanced) during the crafting stage. It usually provides a Large number of charges at the cost of range. It is very common.

Q: What is Dunkawah Poison?
A: Dunkawah Poison is obtained from either Dunkawah Ewoks or Pubams, on Endor. Recently it seems that it can also be obtained from the native NPCs of Dantooine(Janta, Mokks, etc). If that is supposed to be the case or not is unknown at this time.
What it does is replace the Infection Amplifier(Regular/Advanced) during the crafting stage. You basically trade 30 effectiveness in the final poison or disease for 30 potency. If your trying to get past resist buff it could be helpful.

Q: What is Spider Venom?
A: Spider Venom is obtained from the Fire Breathing Spider inside the Geonosian Bio-Lab/Cave/Dungeon on Yavin. It replaces the Infection Amplifier(Regular/Advanced) during the crafting stage. This will usually raise the Effectiveness greatly. These aren't as common as they once were, but can still be found.

Q: What are these 'Enhanced' Components?
A: Sometimes an Enhanced or Legendary version of a component will be looted. The stats and types vary but are usually much better then any player crafted component. These are very rare drops.

Skill Tapes

Q: What do Combat Medic Effectiveness Skill Tapes(Clothing Attachments/Armour Attachments) do?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: Do Combat Medicine Use Skill Tapes(Clothing Attachments/Armour Attachments) work?
A: No. Just like the Medicine Use Skill Enhancers, these were disabled long ago. They would prove to be game breaking items for the Medical Professions and were never activated. They do still drop, however.

Q: What do Combat Medic Healing Range Skill tapes(Clothing Attachments/Armour Attachments) do?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: What do Combat Medic Ranged Injury Treatment Speed Skill tapes(Clothing Attachments/Armour Attachments) do?
A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: What Do Combat Medic Experimentation Skill tapes(Clothing Attachments/Armour Attachments) do?
A: For every +10 you receive an extra point of Experimentation during the Crafting Stage. These tapes do work and are very valuable to MCMs.

Q: What Do Combat Medic Assembly Skill tapes(Clothing Attachments/Armour Attachments) do?
A: They supposedly decrease the likelihood of critical failures during crafting and increase the chances of successes. The assumption is they work, however this is difficult to prove.

Non-CM Loot Drops

Q: What is Acklay Venom?
A: A loot drop used by Weaponsmiths for Grenades. It is NOT a Combat Medic Component.

Q: What is Sarlacc Bile?
A: An item used for a quest. It is NOT a Combat Medic Component

The Healing XP....

Go Support 4, Distance 4 then Speed 4. Personally I'd get some AE Poison A's (Any stat) and go to a durni lair (or any low HP mob lair will do). Poke the lair till about 10 or more come out at once, holster your weapon, peace and spam the poison.

At CM0002 you will get the xp equivalent to the rated effectiveness of the poison pack plus your effectiveness bonus. At CM0004 you can start using better poison packs, like AE Bs. At CM1004 your damage on the packs will start gaining more of a bonus to damage and distance. At CM4004 your bonus to damage and distance will be maxed until you reach Master. At this point you will fly through the Speed tree in approximately 30 minutes or so.

Now you may ask "But won't mobs die with so much poison being applied to them?" No, thanks to the +1 nerf the Devs have introduced the easiest way to Power Level a CM.

Another question you may have is "Will I still gain xp for applying a poison pack to a mob with only 1 HP?" Yes, you will gain full XP but it just won't do the damage. Spam the pack like mad. I recommend you buy or make some poison packs made with Rancor biles to maximize the charges. A good pack made with Rancor Bile can have upwards of 90-190 charges on them.

The Crafting XP....

Setup 6 Food and chem crafting tools from left to right in the top bar using a separate panel. Have 18k Lok wheat and 18k Tat Fiber in your main inventory. Once you go through this macro you will notice the message "Crafting Station has ended". Don't worry about it this macro is automatically skipping the practice box after you load the resources but you still get the XP. Also I would recomend if you plan on hotkeying this Macro to put it in the Shift F12 button of the panel.

You can use this macro while you are running from point A to point B, during some downtime and even crafting stations or droids will not affect this macro as it skips the experimentation and practice screens.

Macro's name: craft

/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/selectDraftSchematic 0;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/selectDraftSchematic 0;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot02;
/selectDraftSchematic 0;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot03;
/selectDraftSchematic 0;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot04;
/selectDraftSchematic 0;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot05;
/selectDraftSchematic 0;
/pause 5;
/createPrototype practice no item;
/createPrototype practice
/pause 1;
/macro craft;