Guide to unlocking pre-publish 9:

Greetings, I thought I would write a brief guide to what it involved since I can't find any past articles to refurbish on this!

Firstly the prospective young Jedi must find a holocron, as far as I remember there was one specific quest on dantooine which would earn you one, the rest are random drops and of course buying other peoples that are not interested in the system. This holocron would then give a message, something along the lines of:

"The voice of the ancients tells you that you should become a Master Teras Kasi Artist"

(Thanks to Jan for the exact message)

Then you would naturally master this profession. Now you need another holocron (both do exactly the same job by the way, there is no differentiation between the sith and Jedi holocrons besides the aesthetics). A similar message would appear.



The holocrons would tell you up to 4 professions that you needed to master (provided you hadn't already mastered one before being told - they were pre-assigned on character creation).

The final secret profession was often known as your "silent profession" this was due to the message the holocron gave you if attempting to use it. It is rumoured and generally accepted that after a few Jedi started to appear, SOE upped the number of secret professions you had to master before unlocking.

Once you got lucky and found your final hidden profession, the unlocking message would appear and you would jump around with much joy :p I'm pretty sure I remember this one straight off:

"You begin to feel attuned to the force; your force sensitive character slot has been unlocked!"

Surprisingly enough, you would now go back to the logon screen and create a new character for your galaxy; with the apt warning "You are now creating a Jedi character! After logging on, you would receive a really quite cool email, addressing you on what you achieved and warning you about what was to come (please send me this too if you have it - I'm not really up for re-activating my account just to get it..).

Then you were off, see the pre-9 Jedi tree found on the front page to see what was in store!