Survival tips from a MBH:

Ok having taken many Jedi missions I thought I would relate to those of you who may not know the ins and outs of the trade a few tips on how to survive. So below I have five points that you may want to conceder, along with each point is a small anecdote as well.

Note: I hunt Jedi for the thrill of the hunt, when the mark doesn’t have a clue its sort of depressing.

1. Don’t be predictable in your travels. I have stalked my marks sometimes for many hours or even days, and some of them will always use the same route to get from one place to the next. If you do that you are setting yourself up for an ambush. Vary your routine and use different shuttle ports.

2. Don’t park a buff bot at a place and use it more than once. I had a mark once that would always rebuff every 3hrs to 3hrs and 7 min at the same exact spot. When I got his routine down I just waited in a nearby building for his buff time to come up and when it did I stepped out and killed him. Moral of the story don’t use a buff bot in the same place all the time.

3. Don’t use the lair double tap trick to get more xps. You might as well shot yourself for that one. When I come up on a lair that isn’t touched, but all the mobs are dead I store my bike and move off 256 meters from the lair and wait for the waypoint to update back at the lair. Once the waypoint updates back at the lair I burst run in and open fire. Usually the mark is so surprised, not to mention confused by the mobs on them they stand little chance.

4. Don’t take missions all in the same direction every time. Many player cities especially on Dantooine are in hilly terrain. Players don’t like to run missions in the hills so they generally try for missions that take them out into the lowlands. I had a mark once that would only run missions to the south away from the hills out onto the plains. I watched him on the planetary map with my droids for an hour. Once I knew for sure he was always going to be south I got some buffs and placed myself in between his location and the mission terminal he was using.

5. If you don’t have force run 1 pickup novice scout. Having TKM as a secondary skill might look great on paper, up to the point where you can never catch a bounty hunter if there is any kind of terrain at all. Never ever underestimate terrain negotiation for saving your life or ending it. If you don’t have novice scout get it. On many occasions I have been able to kite my marks around on hills due to their total lack of terrain negotiation.

Well I hope my five points here can help some of you padawans to stand a chance, or at least improve the quality of the hunt. Good luck and see ya when you least expect it .