Borrie's Better Lightsabers Previews

Mar 16, 2014
Some of you on Discord may have already seen some of my work on making better Lightsabers thus far, but I thought I'd make a preview post about it. It is in its final stages of completion, and it is Part 1 of a greater project I have in mind.

Essentially, I've taken a mixture of mods from JKHub (primarily Revan Dark's Lightsabers) with a few of my own custom models for the ones that didn't have a match.

Type 1 (Anakin): Revan Dark
Type 2 (Andael): Borrie BoBaka
Type 3 (Ben): Revan Dark
Type 4 (Dugald): Borrie BoBaka
Type 5 WIP
Type 6 (Luke): Revan Dark
Type 7 (Windu): Revan Dark
Type 8 (Nebu): Borrie BoBaka
Type 9 (Obi-Wan): Revan Dark
Type 10 (Qui-Gon): Revan Dark
Type 11 (Sleek Black): Borrie BoBaka
Type 12 (Sleek Silver): Borrie BoBaka
Type 13 (Vader): Revan Dark